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Natural strings

Here is my collection of natural undyed strings! Some also call this cream color.

Here are all the possibilities:

- Single ultra soft 1mm rope in several formats

- 3mm ultra soft single rope in several sizes

- 5mm ultra soft single rope in several sizes

- 9mm ultra soft single rope in several sizes

- 12mm ultra soft single rope

- Ultra soft 3mm twisted rope

- Ultra soft 5mm twisted rope

- 12mm ultra soft twisted rope

- 20mm ultra soft twisted rope

- Ultra shower braided rope 5mm

- 10 colors of air rope 4,5mm


The ultra soft strings are made from 100% cotton!!

They are very faeyelashes to handle and, of all the ones I've used, these are the softest on the hands. 

These ropes are Oeko Tex certified and come from Turkey.

Read the product description carefully to find the weight, length and thickness of each string!!

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Take note :

1. While working the rope, it may take a slight extension ranging from 0.5mm to 1mm.

2. The 3mm twisted rope has 2 strands while the 5mm twisted rope has 3 strands.

2. Colors may vary from screen to screen. Please know that I am doing my best to show you the true color of the rope! If the color has the same name from one format to another, it means that it is indeed the same color of cord.orde.

* Visit the natural strings section to find the other colors available!s!

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