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What does Hibbie mean?

Finding a business name is not always easy. I wanted to find something original, but which also represented me.


My desire to want to create Hibbie

My desire to want to create HibbieAfter some time creating macrame using various strings, I was not happy with the result. I wanted to buy the “right” rope. I searched for a long time. I have tested several types of rope. I bought from several small companies around the world. Until I found my ideal rope. Once found, a desire to share my find with Quebecers and all people passionate about macrame was born. It was in 2020, in the midst of a period of confinement following COVID-19, that I took the time, finally I was rather given the time to take time to develop a project that was trotting in my head. HibbieCréations went from an idea to a...